Pink Jungle Geranium

Greetings! Steem for Ukraine Community!

Before I start on my color palette entry, let me introduce myself. I am @yoieuqudniram from theh Philippines and hope I am welcome here.

I found this lovely community from this post and also, the rules are written there.

My entry for @olesia's color palette challenge is this pink Jungle Geranium.

THsi is my entry


This flower is called Santan in my tongue, and I had to search google for its English name. What is it called in your place?


Last Friday, I brought my kids to the manghihilot, it is a term called for those who perform massage in people especially on kids.

Merely had an amazing garden and is full of pretty flowers in various varieties But this pretty pink flower caught my attention and I had to come and take a photo of it.

I used to have pink flowers at home but because my husband extended our house for balcony, we had to move them and unfortunately, they died. It's so sad but I am not losing hope to restore our mini garden.

This will be all for my post today, I hope you find the flower pretty. Thank you very much for your time! Keep safe.

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