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A very good one @ukraine-steem. Russia must be stopped and getting them to quit bombarding Ukraine is way beyond placing sanctions. A power driven man under the influence of power cannot continue to terrorize the peace and existence of Ukraine; he cannot deprive a country of her sovereignty through illegal and false claims. He must be stopped! And in getting him to stop, other countries cannot keep their hands crossed just because they do not want the situation to escalate into a full-blown world war while lives perish on daily basis.

Have not been to Ukraine before but I know it is a beautiful place to be. Many students from my country (Nigeria) school there with many others making a living in Ukraine. Russia's intention is to turn a beautiful and a blessed land into a desolate place. I feel grieved whenever I see in news what Russia has turned many of the beautiful places in Ukraine to. They have rendered many people homeless, years of labor and investment have been turned into waste. They have made landlords refugees in strange lands. They have turned many children into orphans and have made many parents.

While I remain positive about Ukraine's victory in this war, I can't but imagine the aftermath of the war @ukraine-steem and its effect on many people. Life for many will be tough and difficult. @ukraine-steem imagine those people who managed to get a home for themselves only for them to have rumbles as all that is left of them. My heart just reaches out to this people sincerely. However, Kudos to Ukraine because Putin wouldn't have thought that Ukraine will be able to hold him back for this long. I salute all Ukrainians and the brave Ukraine president. I wish we have leaders like him in our country
 2 months ago 

Thank you man. I and all Ukrainians will do everything to stop this mentally ill monster.

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