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Assalamu Alaikum.How are you?I Hope you are fine by the grace of almighty. I am also fine.


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Today I have come to talk to you about an important topic. I hope you all read this post from start to finish with a little patience and attention.
You will also know who I am and what my identity is.

First of all, I am the promoter of @bangla.witness. That is to deliver @bangla.witness to you is my only work and my only goal.

A few words about @bangla.witness

Attention please‼️

Bangla Witness is currently at number 15 in the witness list. Bangla.Witness is only 50 days old. That is only 20 days more than a month. That means you understand that our witness is very young. But by looking at the ranking of our witness you understand how successful our position is on this platform.
This is a big achievement for us. If you want you can check here https://ecosynthesizer.com/steem/witnesses


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Works of @bangla.witness
  • Bangla.Witness will selflessly support various new good or useful projects of this platform.
  • Bangla.Witness will help newbies.
  • Bangla.Witness will bring any beneficial projects for this platform.
  • Bangla.Witness will help Bengalis.
  • Bangla.Witness will take good initiatives for this platform.
  • Bangla.Witness will prevent injustice on this platform.
  • Bangla.Witness will faithfully observe all the duties of witnesses.
  • Bangla.Witness will work on whatever good users/investors/developers come to this platform.
  • Bangla.Witness will always come forward in the development of this platform.

Our 1st witness announcement post

Why should you all vote for our witness?

One of the reasons to for us is that we have a total of 6 communities on this platform.Our every community runs on @rme's own investment. No external help is taken here. Our 6 communities are,

Beauty of Creativity
আমার বাংলা ব্লগ
Tron Fan Club
Steem Alliance
Steem Dev

and We have various projects going on. But now I want to tell you about @Bangla.Witness. Bangla-Witness is one of our successful projects.
Of which there are four fully running communities and we have just started working on the remaining two, including a Steem Alliance.
I hope you all stay with us.

Because we have enough power ourselves. We are supporting so many good users without only taking that power ourselves. That means you have to understand that our intentions and plans are very different. We don't want that to be the only ones who benefited those who have power.We want here that everyone will feel comfortable to work. And that's why we want to bring many changes in this platform.There is no doubt that we have enough power. But there is one thing. if everyone works together, the work is always more successful. The motto of our work is to work with everyone. So that no one gets inconvenienced here, so that everyone can work well here.

So now you tell me , we are thinking about this platform like this. Shouldn't you support us there?

We promise, we will never power down in life. We promise we will always respect our friendly relationship.

A few words about the admins of this community

Actually I don't know how to thank you @olesia . Because I have seen very few people like you. As a witness promoter I am constantly talking to many people. But among them I found him very different.We all know the current situation in your country Ukraine.We all know that there is currently a war going on in Ukraine.When I messaged him last night she immediately voted his witness on bangla.witness despite being in trouble which is really commendable.
I pray from my heart for your country that this war will stop. Because I believe in my heart that war can never solve any problem. And I really thank you from my heart.

I invite everyone in this community to vote for bangla.witness. We want to bring you all together and do something good for this platform in the future.
I believe that together we will reshape this platform and make it more powerful and popular.

I humbly request other admins and moderators of this community to give your valuable vote to @bangla.witness.

About the Founder of Our Witness

The founder of our witness is @rme. He is the founder of our whole community. He wants to bring a lot of development to this platform. He has already brought many changes and he is thinking a lot more about this platform. He is thinking so much about this platform that you Can't even imagine. But to implement those plans, we need your support and cooperation.

I request everyone to remember one more thing. That is, those who help us, we remember their benefits for the rest of our lives. And we try to maintain that friendly relationship as much as possible.Those who help us, we help them twice as much.Because we express gratitude always.

Will I get your witness support for @Bangla.Witness?

Please let me know through comments.

Witness Team:

@rmeChief Supporter and Advisor, Founder-Amar Bangla Blog
@blacksTeam Leader, Founder-Beauty of Creativity & Executive Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@moh.arifVPS Host and Node Leader, Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@dr-frankensteinOur Technical support Leader
@dev.supportersOur consultant team leader
@rex-sumonPromotion Manager and Decision Maker, Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@hafizullahTeam Designer and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@winklesRegional Leader (IN) and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@shuvo35Regional Leader (BD) and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@faisalaminDeveloping & Technical Member, Executive Moderator- Beauty of Creativity
@nusuranurPromotion and Communication Member, Moderator- Amar Bangla Blog
@kingporosPromotion and Communication Member, Moderator- Amar Bangla Blog

special invitation

I suggest you, @olesia , @antorv , @dmitrik , @ukraine-steem , @andrea.boji post your community introduction post to the Steem Alliance community. This is a message from @rme Dada to you.The main goal of this community is to unite all the administration panels of this platform and work together for the improvement of this platform.

Special good news
🌸I want to give you an important good news on behalf of the founder of Amar Bangla Blog community. That is ,Sometimes we'll curate some posts from these communities that fully support our witness.

This is a small gift from us to support us.


I want your attention.

This is a promotional post.

Thank you for your valuable time.Hope to get your valuable witness vote in @bangla.witness.

Best Regards,

Moderator of আমার বাংলা ব্লগ
Moderator of STEEM WATCHER
Promotion and Communication Member of @bangla.witness .

VOTE @bangla.witness as witness



SET @rme as your proxy


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Thank you so much, It's my pleasure.


Friend , I have also supposed bangla.witness . Please check out my post. Because I have mentioned rme Dada. And his benevolent team. But they could not receive my notification.

Thank you friend!

 last year 

ok I will see.

 last year (edited)

I voted, and wish your great success!👍

 last year 

Thank you. 🤍🤍

 last year 

Voted. Good luck to you 🍀

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thank you so much.

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