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A warm greetings to you all in this wonderful community. Today, I'm here for another culinary contest brought to us by @mariam.dariam. I really enjoying jumping on this contest. For this day, I'm introducing this delicious dish called Plantain porridge.


This dish is really enjoyed by alot of persons around because of the use of unripe plantain which has alot of health benefits. It is usually eaten by those with diabetes because most of their meal must contain food with enough iron.


The ingredients for this dish are;
• Unripe plantain

• Crayfish

• Onions/peppers

• Palm oil

• Scent leaf

• Salt/Maggi

• Smoked fish


Now, people also add perewinkle, but it wasn't at my reach, so I had to forgo it. Also, other protein(meat) can be used.

Preparation Technique



  • Wash and peel the unripe plantain, then cut it into smaller cubes, using your knife. It can be into four places or six, I usually like six.


  • Then go ahead and wash and debone the dried fish, wash and cut the leaf, wash and cut onions, pound crayfish and pepper and set all aside.

Step-by-step Preparation

  • In a pot of water, pour in the diced plantain and cover to cook for almost 6mins.


  • When it boils and the water goes down, then add the smoked fish so the flavour can start circulating the food.


  • After some minutes, start adding other ingredients. Like the onions and crayfish, salt and maggi.



  • After it boils down, you add a little palm oil and the leaf and stir it, allow it steam for few minutes and its ready.



  • The finished stage of the meal


It can be enjoyed with any kind of drink that you like. I think it should be chilled so you'll enjoy it while it's hot.

I would like to invite @zory23, @josepha and @pea07 to join this contest, thank you.


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Hola amiga me gusto la manera como preparaste este plato y los ingredientes usados, en especial los plátanos verdes.

Suerte y éxitos en el concurso amiga

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