Maidan. Winter on fire

in Ukraine on Steem3 months ago

Today, I organized a screening of the film "Maidan. Winter on fire". I recently gave a lecture about the Maidan, but this is a topic that can be mentioned and talked about a lot. And no words can replace video, footage from those events. By the way, this is the first Ukrainian film that appeared on Netflix, and chronologically it is very well constructed.

We also raise the topic of the Maidan when we talk about the beginning of the russian-Ukrainian war, about the creation of the first volunteer battalions, about the politics and geopolitics of that time.

At the same time, this film is quite heavy, and those who will watch it on my recommendation should be warned about this. Watching such a movie is not an entertainment event, it is a difficult and tragic history of ours and an ongoing reality, because unfortunately "Plyne kacha" melody continues to be performed all over Ukraine...

Sometimes I think: the fact that now the percentage of people who are actively involved in the war and working for victory is about the same as then on the Maidan... And for a faster victory, much more is needed...

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