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Hello to the reader, I hope you are fine and safe, I am happy to participate in this wonderful contest, In which I am going to tell you about the nostalgic childhood game of my life, Every person in his life must have addicted to one of the game in his past and which is not bad at all Because Recent studies have shown that playing video games can actually have positive effects on adolescence's behaviors and development. Games have also been shown to help improve visuospatial cognition, increases helpful behaviors, and even increases physical fitness.


So in my childhood, I got to know about computers at the age of 8 years and I was just curious about it how it works and how can we play games in it and after some time I insisted my father to buy me a personal computer so that I kill my spare time of vacations by playing video games and after a lot of efforts I got my first PC which didn't have best specifications but it was gold for me at that time I used to play a lot of video games in it and one of them is Counter strike 1.6, It was one of my favorite game, I even used to skip my school days just to play Cs 1.6 and do some crazy missions and kill some enemies in it, This was my first PC:

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Apart from Counter strike 1.6, I also used to play a lot more games and one of them is the Grand theft Auto series, The series grand theft auto was a masterclass, I am sure almost all the people in their childhood at least once have played or seen this game,

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This game has a lot of missions which required a lot of mentality and intellect and when I used to get tired of the missions, I used to kill the innocent people in it and also I also tried 100 times to go the N(north) of this game but failed miserably until I got to know it is impossible to reach there:
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