Walk with me contest:My childhood games by @peachyladiva

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This is my entry for @lidiasteem contest in #walkwithme community. Thanks @lidiasteem for taking me back memory lane.
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Three childhood games I can vividly remember

1. Molding with sand.
Growing up, I played with sand alot, my parents are not always around so myself and my siblings played outdoor most of the time and we had fun with the sand. Lol
We mold it to any shape we want, sometimes we built a house from sand and we start to play Daddy and mummy games! It's quite funny thinking about it now.



2. Hide and seek.

I played hide and seek alot. I remember one day when we came back from school and my dad was hiding somewhere in the house and wrote a note that whosoever finds him wins a yogurt. You can imagine how we scatter everywhere like we were looking for pin. Hahaha what a funny experience. So I decided to do hide and seek with my daughter to show how the game looks like.

Me hiding behind the curtain

The seeker looking for me

The seeker found me, hahahaha

That's just how hide and seek games are played.

3. The police van toy

I play with this police van toy while growing up, it has a button with siren and a rope that you can drag and it will start moving! It was my favorite toy back then and I had to get my daughter one as well.


Thanks once more @lidiasteem for this contest it really took me back memory lane.



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