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Thank you @lidiasteem for this opportunity.
Its been a very long time, i could barely even remember some of the games. I'm currently in Nigeria, I'm a Nigerian but i grew up in Cameroon. So the childhood games i will be sharing are memories in Cameroon.


This community has brought back so many good memories i thought i had forgotten.

I will start with the first game. I can't really remember what it was called then, but i could still remember how to do it. Here we use a thread or a thin rope to to create beautiful patterns using our fingers to move the rope in different directions.
I took some pictures



The amazing thing about this game is that no matter how much u twist the rope to creat a pattern, the rope barely tangles.

The second game is the football game. It is played on a table. Here we use papers to represent the poles. We also use a small piece of paper rolled into a ball to represent the ball. Any other thing could be used to represent the players. An example could be the head of a pen. Our fingers are used to apply force on the pen head so that it pushes the ball into the poles.

The blue and purple strokes represents the players. The orange stroke represents the ball. The yellow stroke represents the poles.

The third game is similar to the previous one. There could be more than two players here. A pen or pencil is used represent a player. The fingers are used to apply force on a pen to push against another person's pen. Once your pen falls off the table, your off the game.


That's all i can remember. Thankyou @lidiasteem