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Good morning everyone .....
How are you this morning ? I hope today will be the best day with your family.

Today is a tiring day, because I have to finish some late March reports, which I have to finish on Monday tomorrow, even though in the afternoon I tried to get out of the house to find some good photos for me to display in this post. Finally I went to a Loskala river which borders the Ujung Blang beach. This area is famous as a fishing area, and along the way many people sell fish, because it is close to the TPI Ujung Blang fishing port. The city where I live is Lhokseumawe City. This City is a city surrounded by the ocean, our City is also known as a fishing town.

Original photo by @tucsond

Today I will show you 3 of the best photos that I took with my cellphone camera, namely a photo of a red fishing boat anchored, and unloading the fish catch for sale.



Photo ShotCamera Realme 6 Pro
CatagoryNature / SeaScape
LocationLoskala River, Lhokseumawe City
Photografer by@tucsond

Thanks you to the Steemian friend who visited and support my posting. Greetings from me to all friend of steemit. Keep doing your best.

Best Regards & Thanks You
Tengku Yusak (@tucsond)

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