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Last week, I stumbled across one cute insect on the sandy ground, namely Crickets. I didn't waste this opportunity, then took some Macro Photos with my cellphone camera. Crickets are a type of insect that live in the soil and bushes of grass. Crickets are known as insects that have distinctive and loud voices, the sound comes from male crickets to attract females.

Original photo by : @tucsond

Some of the photos I took with the cellphone camera, I show it here, I tried to take photo very close and slowly, so that these insects were not afraid. Meanwhile, this cricket was not bothered by my presence, I had about 5 minutes to take some photos, then the cricket jumped and disappeared into the grass.

Original photo by : @tucsond

The body shape of the cricket is almost similar to that of a grasshopper, but its body is smaller than that of a grasshopper, its head is almost round and has long antennae or tentacles. The two hind legs are so big and strong that they have great strength to jump far like grasshoppers.

Original photo by : @tucsond

Original photo by : @tucsond


Photo ShotCamera Realme 6 Pro
LocationGrass, Lhokseumawe City
Photografer by@tucsond

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