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Assalamu Alaikum. Greetings Beauty of Creativity Community. I hope you are all doing well by God's grace. Alhamdulillah, with your many prayers and God's infinite mercy, I am also well. We pray to God that we may always be healthy and beautiful.

Today I am here to share with you some natural beauty photography and my travel experience. I love to travel and also love photography. So, through today's post, I have come with the photography of my travel and enjoying some green natural beauty. I hope you enjoy these wonderful photographs and enjoy my travel stories. Watch and enjoy


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Feeling bad since morning. I was restless and didn't feel like doing anything. So after waking up in the morning I had breakfast and after breakfast I thought of going out for a walk. Then I took my smart phone and went for a walk.

After going for a walk I saw a rose flower in a tub by the side of the road. Rose flower is one of my favorite flowers and it was kept near the house. I approached the house and took a nice photograph of the rose and I was quite happy.


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Then I walked down the street. Because by then everyone had gone to office and the entire area was empty. So I walked alone through the village green. I felt very good and I don't know why, I felt very bad in my heart. Although traveling made me feel better, still I know how a restlessness worked inside my mind.

This time I saw a beautiful location and this beautiful beauty next to agricultural paddy fields. This wonderful natural beauty mesmerized me and I fell in love with it. Now I took out my mobile camera and I started photographing the natural beauty.


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I saw several lemon trees along the road. I then photographed the lemon trees in very hot sun and I enjoyed the photographs very much. Then I was walking through a village-like road and by the road a group of farmers were working in the farmland. I liked the sight of the farmers at work and I was very happy.

I toured several garment factories and also saw ducks in the village pond and I saw a wedding house. Basically, these photographs of my trip as well as the travel experience, do not forget to comment. I hope you enjoyed my wonderful travel stories and photographs. If you like the photography, here is my contribution. Not just today, wait for the next blog. And if you want, you can share your creativity or beauty photography with us. The Beauty of Creativity community is eager to see your beauty and everything

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Name and modelSamsung galaxy f22
Editno, just click
Photographer and bolgger:@steem-for-future



Best regards


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 27 days ago 

Thank you very much, I like seeing the pictures you share.

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