Macro Photography - Wasp Nest Insects

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  • Dated: 23 April 2021

Wasp Hymenoptera is a class of birds that have two pairs of hymen or transparent screen-like wings. A type of aggressive stinging flying insect is the wasp. The largest type of wasp is also called Bhimrul.



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  • The wasp is a member of the genus Hymenoptera, as well as other members of the genus Ants and bees.
  • However, they do not usually have hair on their bodies. Ants do not have hair fur, but bee fur has both.
  • Commonly all the vespidae of the aculeate family are called wasps.


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  • Wasps lay their eggs in the larvae of other insects and the parasitic larvae that emerge from those eggs grow by eating the larvae of those other insects.

  • For this, wasps were used to control agricultural insects.


PhotographsWasp Nest Insects
DeviceHandphone (Redmi Note 9)

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 2 months ago 

Hi @sr-adnan as I always, the shots are stunning which make me wonder, is it taken with a single device? or any additional device, like macro external device. As I learned, it is a little insect which require us to have macro beside it is also a very active insect that is almost imposible to take from long distance shot if we only use mobile. I hope, I am wrong. If you did use another device, kindly let me know

 2 months ago 

The insect was weak. At that time I took pictures with my mobile. With single device. Thanks brother.