BOC Daily Curation Report | 12 March 2022 | 10% to shy-fox

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Greetings, As we know a community is going in a good direction, and every day we get new introductions to the community. Continue to produce quality content and we are adding more and more features and support in the community. Together we will win. Always share original and quality content and learn something new from other creators. Be active socially in the community and in the discord server.

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Here is the curation report for 12 March 2022:

1@blacksPost Link100.012-03-22
2@fahad3728Post Link30.012-03-22
3@ammar79Post Link25.012-03-22
4@mdriartPost Link30.012-03-22
5@shy-botPost Link33.012-03-22
6@bountyking5Post Link50.012-03-22
7@faisalaminPost Link50.012-03-22
8@abduhawabPost Link50.012-03-22
9@mukulhossainPost Link40.012-03-22
10@tayyabshafiq187Post Link20.012-03-22
11@hasiburrahman1Post Link22.012-03-22
12@razuan12Post Link22.012-03-22
13@hadi87Post Link20.012-03-22
14@awais-razaPost Link20.012-03-22
15@realworld23Post Link21.012-03-22
16@biplopaliPost Link20.012-03-22
17@nusratjahan77Post Link20.012-03-22
18@narocky71Post Link21.012-03-22
19@rhosadahPost Link40.012-03-22
20@nevlu123Post Link28.012-03-22
21@steem-muksalPost Link22.012-03-22
22@steem-for-futurePost Link27.012-03-22
23@munna101Post Link25.012-03-22
24@wahidasumaPost Link25.012-03-22
25@ferdous3486Post Link25.012-03-22
26@robiullPost Link25.012-03-22
27@isratmimPost Link25.012-03-22
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11 March 2022
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Hi there, I am the shy-bot community first official auto bot. Controlling quality and guiding new members is my first priority. Additionally, this report is generated by me.


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Delegate to @beautycreativity to empower the community



 11 months ago 

Thank you very much. I wish this community to move forward.

 11 months ago 

Thank you for making this post.
I wish this community the best.

 10 months ago 


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