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RE: Important Community Update: How to Make Your Posts More Curatable

in Beauty of Creativity2 years ago

I think it was the right decision. It should be tougher because new users are always coming and the delegation is getting support without any work. We need to be tougher and support those who are good considering their quality.You discussed in detail how to post photography. How to make art. In fact, we forget the content by doing art and those who want to do photography must give the devices properly. If not, you will doubt. You said the right thing and if you read them carefully afterwards, you will learn a lot and it was very important. Hopefully a lot will change gradually. Good luck with your rules

 2 years ago 

Thank you for you kind feedback. Yeah, things are tougher and the members should compete with the quality to get support. As I stated in the posts, we noticed some users who present great photos but they never mention the device properly even I asked them in the comment, some of them ignore it.

the delegation is getting support without any work.

What do you mean by that?

 2 years ago 

Those who are brand new are doing Delegation for support but they should be observed a little. They are real or fake. Verified immediately followed by support immediately. I don't think so. Need to observe them a little

 2 years ago 

we also noticed that and some already muted. We strongly encourage members to present their real ID thru the verification process. Thank again @razuan12

 2 years ago 

Thanks Respected Moderator for taking such a great initiative. I hope something very good will happen for your beautiful initiative up front

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