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When I was walking on a garden in Gayo Highlands, I found something interesting in red color on a rock. I walked closer to the site, then I grabbed my smartphone and captured the flora. They are moss with their flower. It looks amazing. They grow on the rock, and feed themselves from the light of the sun. I love nature, so I would be so excited to find interesting and unique creatures and plants in nature.





These photos show the flowers in more closeup. However, if I use macro lens, the photos would be so amazing.


Apparently, there are not only moss on the rock, but also some lichens are also making life there.



CameraIphone 12 Pro Max
CategoryPlant Photography
LocationGayo Highlands
 last year 

Honestly, the scenery was as strange to me as it was beautiful, but the photographs were perfect.

 last year 

Thank you @hafizullah.. It’s moss which grow in wild nature

 last year 

Very beautiful flowers my brother, great photos to set as wallpaper 😉👍

 last year 

Thanks @sayaalan. 😁

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