The beauty of the Coprinellus Mushroom growing up

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Hello Steemians!!

How are you all, I hope you are in good health and more successful,

I will tell you, that I am new to this community, just yesterday afternoon my introduction to the community (BOC) was verified by the verifier, in my self-introduction I said why I want to join here, because I am with this community, I like it take pictures, I think this is the place where I will display the results of my portrait work,

And here I also want to thank @faisalamin who has verified my self-introduction 🙏🙏

On this occasion, and in my first post in the Beauty of Creativity community, I will post a picture of the mushrooms that I took this morning, as this morning I was lucky, the mushrooms were growing well, supported by quite a night of rain.

Alright, I can't wait to show you the mushroom pictures I took, I'm sure you'll like it

Let's see...


That's my portrait today, and I hope you like it ☺☺, and that's all for today that I can show and show for you, next time I will display my work and of course it will be more interesting for you to see,

Foto TakenSamsung Triple Camera
CategoryMacro Photography
LocationAceh, Indonesia

Best Regards

 2 months ago 

You do good photography

 2 months ago 

Thanks you very much @setia.budi

 2 months ago 

You show mushroom Macro Photography which is very cool my friend, always show your beautiful work here.
So that many people like your pictures.

 2 months ago 

thanks for the words, I'm still learning how to take good pictures

 2 months ago 

You perfectly captured this beautiful white mushroom. Clear and sharp images.

 2 months ago 

Thanks very much @fahad3728

 2 months ago 

Very nice mushroom.. Perfect

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