Photography of the extraordinary beauty of the small pond in the middle of the children's park

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Assalamu Alaikum/ Creativity's favorite beauty blogger, how are you all? I hope everyone is doing well by the grace of God. I am also very well by God's infinite mercy. My dear bloggers, today I will share with you some photographs of the extraordinary beauty of the small pond in the middle of the children's park. I hope you all will like these photographs made by me. I like to photograph the beauty around me with my smartphone camera. I love photography so much, I even love it when I share it with you and get nice comments. I always strive to capture creative and natural beauty through good photography. And I think this is why you will like my photography. Your likes will help make my photography blogging more creative.

Many people are deprived of seeing the pond seeing the beauty of the pond taking a bath in the pond etc. due to the densely populated areas around the dear friends and the city people living in the buildings. We are moving away from political beauty by being imprisoned between four walls for three days. Seeing the beauty of this small pond in Shishu Park reminded me of many childhood memories. I liked it so much that I took some photographs to share the beauty of the pond with you. In this small pond of Shishu Park, there are many small boats like boats in the shape of a smile or a bird in which children enjoy a lot of fun. The amazing pond view is expected to be liked by all types of people. Especially for those who live in the city, it is highly recommended to enjoy such natural beauty during the holidays. Because life living in the city is like a prison, it is very important to visit a children's park or a natural tourist center during the holidays, it brings mental and physical peace. I try to lose myself in beauty during the holidays. Dear friends, please comment on how you like the photography of the beauty of the small pond in Shishu Park taken by me today. I am ending here for today see you again in some new blog with some new photography and finally wish everyone health and well-being.






🕯️ Photography details🕯️

CameraiPhone XS
LensMobile Lens

Camera 📸 smartphone

Original photo by @mhmaruf


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