#Club75 | Self-introduction to the Beauty of Creativity Community by @kenalofficial

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Hello steemit friends wherever you are, hopefully we are happy to always be in the protection of the god of the universe, keep the spirit in carrying out all daily activities.

With the grace of God, who is most merciful and most merciful, through this post, I announce that I will join this community by introducing first to all the people who are in this great community.

Introduce my name is Muhammad Syauki, usually friends often call me Syauki, choki and I know, I come from the Indonesian state in the Aceh province to be precise in the North Aceh district, I was born on April 2, 2000, a few days ago I just turned 22 years old.

I am a student at a religious university in the province of Aceh who is in the final semester who must complete research, in accordance with the basic foundation of higher education which has 3 points, namely education, service and research or what is called the tridarma of higher education, I am studying in a study program Islamic Guidance and Counseling who will later earn a bachelor's degree in social science.

I have hobbies of traveling, climbing, photography and writing. I can also join a nature lover's organization that I have dreamed of during a period of 2021-2022 which has just been decommissioned. By joining this community I can provide benefits for active Steemians in this community and especially in steemit platfas.

After observing this community, I came to the conclusion to join based on my hobbies so I can share my pictures and creativity, no less interesting than other existing communities, I also feel that this community is also very interesting to implement my creativity.

So that's my introductory post that I can explain to community friends in this community, with me in this community I can help the community to be able to develop on the steemit platform.

Thus I am very grateful to all those who have supported me on this platform, I also thank the leaders of this community who have built and provided a platform for steemit users.

1DeviceSamsung A32
2LocationAceh Indonesia

Best regards


 2 years ago 

Thank you for joining our #boc community .... I hope you will show the best

 2 years ago 

Of course sir, thank you for your appreciation.

Congratulations, your post has been upvoted by @scilwa, which is a curating account for @R2cornell's Discord Community. We can also be found on our hive community & peakd as well as on my Discord Server

Manually curated by @abiga554

Felicitaciones, su publication ha sido votado por @scilwa. También puedo ser encontrado en nuestra comunidad de colmena y Peakd así como en mi servidor de discordia

 2 years ago 

Thanks you sir..

Nice brother

 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot bro..

 2 years ago 

Hi, @kenalofficial
Our team members will soon check for your introduction. Meanwhile, make sure that your introduction post covers these points.

  • A detailed introduction about yourself
  • Verification Picture is valid and readable

Verification Picture:

Take a selfie while holding a page written Beauty of Creativity with the date and your Steemit username

for more information join us on Discord

 2 years ago 

Thanks you sir

 2 years ago 

Welcome to our favorite community. We hope you will follow the rules of the community and start your journey with us.

 2 years ago 

Thanks you sir

 2 years ago 

Hi, @kenalofficial

Thank you for Joining our BOC community.

boc welocme message.png

Keep sharing the creative and quality content. You can share creative content like Art, Photography, Traveling, Music, Poetry, Lifestyle, etc without any limits. I would like to request you to join our discord server by just clicking on the above BoC poster.

  • Always create original and quality content
  • Be Active in the community by commenting, resteeming and upvoting others posts.

BoC- line.png

Some Rules and Regulations that you must have to follow. Community Rules.

Join us on Discord

 2 years ago 

Welcome to join this beauty community, friends.

 2 years ago 

Thanks you sir....

 2 years ago 

Welcome to BOC.

 2 years ago 

Thanks you sir

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