waterfall photography

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hello everyone, how are you, hope you are fine, and happy always.

on this occasion, I want to share with this community the photography of water flowing on the rock, like a waterfall.

I took this photography a few days ago. When I went on an adventure to the mountains to enjoy the atmosphere of nature, when I saw this flowing water, I immediately took my smartphone to take a picture, so that this beauty could be eternal on my smartphone and also in this community.

here's a picture that I can share on this occasion, hopefully my friends all like the picture and can also entertain anyone who visits my post, that's all from me, I hope it's useful, and see you in the next post.











I thank the admin, curators and moderators, and also to all my other friends, good luck always, see you in the next post.

° regards : @irwandisamudra🙏

° 📷 Camerasamsung galaxy A50
LocationAceh, indonesia


 2 months ago 

Beautiful Views and nature.

 2 months ago 

thank you very much for your attention mate

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