The Beauty of Pink Roses

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Pink Roses

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Greetings to all friends who have joined the Beauty of Creativity community, may all be in the protection of the almighty.

How are you friends #steemit hope you are, hope you are fine.

Come back with me in this beloved community and today I will share some of the beauty of my photography with all of you and as usual I will always share something beautiful and beautiful that I show today is a pink rose.

Roses are one type of flower that is very much liked by people, especially women because roses are one of the most beautiful types of flowers, roses have a variety of colors ranging from red, white, yellow, pink and so on. As you can see, today I display one of the pink roses that I managed to photograph in my yard a few days ago. Roses are not only known for their beauty but they are also very fragrant, if we walk a short distance, we will definitely smell a very delicious aroma on the roses.

The Process of Taking Pictures on Pink Roses

As for me, I took pictures of these roses with a cellphone camera and some of them I shot using the direct default camera and there was also a macro lens on my smartphone. In that photo shoot, to make the pictures I took more beautiful, I tried to mix some water droplets on the flowers to make them more beautiful. it looks more beautiful when in portrait, As usual I am more beautiful when looking at it I tried to take a picture with a variety of different angles for more details how the results of the image I mean please see for yourself below I hope you like the picture of pink roses that I show on this occasion.



















On this occasion, that's all I can share with all of you regarding the macrophotography images that I display, I'm sorry if there are word mistakes in my writing, for today don't forget to be grateful and keep moving forward in showing the best work, see you again in my next post.


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Camera UsedHandphone
ModelSamsung A7
Lens WornApexel 100mm
LocationHome Yard in Aceh

garis steemit.jpg


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Beautiful flowers..

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thanks for visiting buddy.

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Thanks you

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Nice flower cucumberhead...😂😂😂

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Thank you so much for your support

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Ultra High quality photography. Water drop’s are presenting a great look

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Hehe, I am very happy to hear you say very well on my post.Thanks very much. 🥰🥰

 last year amazing are great brother..i like your post

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Thank you very much for your kind words buddy, it's nice to hear you like the pictures I share

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yes....Let's support each other

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Yeah, Of course.

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I like pink rose,,thanks for sharing bro..

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together buddy.

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Rose is symbol of love,i like pink rose

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Yes, totally correct, . Thank you very much for the kind words you are happy to hear you like the pictures I share

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Poto yng indah

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Terimakasih banyak atas kata-kata baik anda sobat

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Fresh rose...👍👍👍

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Thank you

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