Beauty of Creativity-The atmosphere of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad

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Today is very special for Muslims, because today is the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, for the people of Aceh this moment is very much awaited, even some who are not in the village when the Prophet Muhammad's birthday celebration arrives he will return to his village to enjoy this moment.

One of the things I like the most about Maulid celebrations is when everyone gathers, pious people, ustadz, village heads, police, officials, farmers, parking attendants, teachers, young gods all gather.

Here everyone enjoys the wave of love, there is a grandmother who is willing to cut her chicken which she takes care of from small to large, and there is also a mother who cooks from the morning to prepare a menu of food to be brought to the mosque to be distributed to anyone present.










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 last year 

Anda membagikan Photo penuh cerita, saya sangat menyukai kegiatan budaya berbgai kultur, itu keren sekali.

 last year 

Thank you brother

 last year 

Bagus, anda membagikan gambar yang menarik dengan sebuah perjalanan cerita . Bagus saya menyukai itu.

 last year 

Thank you brother for liking this post.

 last year 

You're Welcome brother 😁

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It's been almost 10 years I have not felt the beauty of celebrating the Birthday of the Great Prophet in Meureudu. There is an extraordinary longing in the heart for your village @herimukti

 last year 



birthday of the Prophet Muhammad

Don't say like that👆

 last year 

Di tempat mu berbeda tradisi, kami menyebut nya seperti itu.

 last year (edited)

Assalamualaikum Brother don't mind
Birth day is not apropiate word for our Rasul Allah.Need Tajim,Respect and the great tajim,Respect is not Birth day, it would be "EID A AZOM"=means Highest happyness day for the world.

We are people's we have birth day , but you can't say birth day of RASUL cause he is not like us.

Allah said which word do you used with each others, don't use them with my Rasul.So how can we call birth day? there have any respect for our Rasul?

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