Beauty of Creativity-Enjoy the music produced by the ripples of the river water

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The boisterous water of the river is the music that is so delicious for those who pay attention to it, nature has never betrayed anyone who can enjoy it.

As a rural child who lives near mountains, sea, rice fields, and rivers. Being an advantage and being a very lucky person, can enjoy such beautiful scenery every day.

And right now I'm enjoying the music produced by the ripples of the river water, this river is located on one of the mountains of Ule Gle Pidie Jaya Aceh.

It took us 30 minutes to arrive at this location, with a slightly rocky and uphill road, a very tired journey paid for with a very beautiful river view.




📷 PicturePhotography
ModelVivo X60
Camera usedHandphone

REGARDS @herimukti

 last year 

Wow, the scene is looking beautiful, black rocks are looking beautiful in water reflection. Thanks for sharing the beautiful nature photographs with us.

 last year 

Thank you very much for appreciating my post.

 last year 

This is a beautiful place, friends, have fun.

 last year 

How the scenery is very beautiful, you are very lucky to be able to capture this very beautiful natural scenery image.

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