Beauty of Creativity-Dead tree roots

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This post I chose a slightly dark theme, unlike some of my posts about the beauty of nature in my village, this time I took pictures of tree roots in the mountains in my village.

I don't know what tree root this is, the tree from this root is dead, but the beauty of this root made me take out my smartphone to take some pictures.
If I had a fish aquarium, I would take these roots home for decoration in the aquarium.




📷 PicturePhotography
ModelVivo X60
Camera usedHandphone

REGARDS @herimukti

 last year 

Good job buddy...

 last year 

Thank you

 last year 

Strong old tree roots

 last year 

Thank you

Sangat menakjubkan photo jih dek @herimukti

 last year 

Thank you sister

 last year 

Such wooden roots are great for sitting chairs. He just needed to meet the expert right away so

 last year 

It seems like a very good idea brother

 last year 

Of course dek @herimukti. Let's immediately bring the wood roots home for us to make beautiful chairs

What a great shots, Dek @herimukti 😍
You have a hidden talent, ma brada

Your photos remind me of The Hobbit House 🏚️

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