My garden is full of seasonal fruit now

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Hi all of my friend ,how are you all?I hope that all are fine.Today I am going to share my garden's mango and jackfruits picture.Now summer season is running in our country.It is the time of great seasonal fruit like mango jackfruit black berry deshi nut etc.Mango is the most popular fruit in India.Mango is considered as the national fruit of India.There are many types of mango in our area.Bu in my garder only Himsagar is available.This kind of fruit is very sweet and having no sour taste.






Jackfruit is also tasty to eat.You can it with the muri.I have two big jackfruit trees in our garden.Almost 200 jackfruits are hanging on the trees.Not only ripe jackfruit is popular but also green jackfruit is also edible.In West Bengal green jackfruit is used as popular vegetable.It is called Kathaler Achor.Achor with prawn is a famous recipe for bengalis.I like the recipe very much.

 3 years ago 

In this time my area also available mango and jackfruit. Thanks for share your sweet experience.

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