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This is the post-harvest condition in one of the rice fields in Seuneubok Nalan Village, Plimblang District, Bireuen Regency. It looks like a stretch of empty rice fields without intact rice plants. All that remains is straw, after the rice is harvested.

It's time for the farming community to have a party after having some rice harvested this year. Hopefully in the future their yields can increase again with more maximum efforts.

They also hope that the government will pay attention to the welfare of rice farmers, for example in terms of guaranteeing the price of the grain they sell. Also the availability of water as a source of livelihood for farmers.




CameraOppo A9 Smartphone
LocationPantai Idra Patra, Aceh Besar
DateSaturday, Okt 7, 2021
Oringinal picture@farizalm

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