Playing on the Beach and the Struggle of Fishermen

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Playing on the Beach and the Struggle of Fishermen

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Hi steemian ...

Last Sunday morning, when the sun was rising I took the children to play on Indra Patra beach, Aceh Besar. There was a bright and beautiful morning atmosphere enveloping the beach, as children walked, playing on the shoreline.

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Meanwhile the fishermen are preparing boats and fishing gear to go to sea. There are several small size boats that are still parked without fishing crews on the beach. Maybe there were some fishermen who couldn't go to sea that morning.

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We pray for their struggle at sea in catching fish to provide for their daily living and their families. Hopefully many catches can be caught today. Amen.

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CameraOppo A9 Smartphone
LocationPantai Idra Patra, Aceh Besar
DateSaturday, Sept 3, 2021
Oringinal picture@farizalm

Best Regards


 4 months ago 

I think you are new in this community. Welcome to our community. Children are enjoying this time with full of joy and happiness

Thank you. I'm new to this great community. I hope I enjoy working here. I also need the support of friends from this community for mutual progress.

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