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Community is growing day by day and necessary changing needs to be done. According to the time need, we are constantly updating the community rules to make things more transparent to the members. Steem Blockchain places a high value on user participation (posting comments and conversing). Many of us in the Beauty of Creativity community post regularly, yet we rarely interact with the posts of our fellow members. It's never had a positive effect on any community. Essentially, the goal of an author is to benefit others by conveying their knowledge in the form of blog posts. For readers, it's a chance to discover something new. In other words, the more we can learn from other people's posts, the better off we will be. Here are some of the most important aspects of community engagement.

Community Engagement (1).png



When everyone just posts and no one reads anything else, there's no use in posting anything at all. It's everyone's goal that their post will be seen by others. In other words, if we don't read other people's postings, no one will read ours. How can you tell whether your post has been read? It's done by making reasonable and relevant comments. A comment indicates whether or not the post has been read, and this is reflected in the comment itself. It's pretty uncommon to see someone post lots of new irrelevant comments in an effort to gain more attention, but this isn't ideal. An original meaning of the term "engagement" was that of a genuine interaction in which suitable and reasonable remarks are made by both parties. That's why it's important that you read the post before leaving a comment. It's also possible to interact with other members of our Discord server at the same time.



One of the best ways to rise on the Steem blockchain is to get more people to comment on your posts. Reading other people's blogs can help us learn new things. We learn more about ourselves and others as time passes. If you consistently read other people's posts and leave thoughtful comments, they will get a sense of who you are and be more likely to read what you have to say. As a result of our comments, we can build a strong community in which our acceptability by others is greatly strengthened. In other words, if you want to establish a strong presence in the community, you need to read more and more posts and leave relevant comments on them.



  1. Commenting on others’ posts will be considered an important factor in post curation. You have to make at least 5+ comments per day and in that way 40+ comments per week to get priority in curation.

  2. Your activity or engagement report will be published every day and once a week by shy-bot.

  3. Those who have a much lower number of daily and weekly comments will be given less importance for post curation.

  4. You must make standard comments. Comment spamming is using the same popular terms repeatedly. Comment spamming is prohibited. Read others' posts and remark on them accordingly.

  5. To be considered an active author, you must publish at least 3 posts every week.

  6. The first three active users of the day will get an equal amount of prizes. First-day winners will be skipped for the next day and vice versa to appreciate every member.


░▒▓█ 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 █▓▒░

If you want to be a good member of the community, you need to read the posts of other people every day at a certain time and comment on them in the right way. The more you comment, the better your chances are that we'll think you're a good member of this community. So, show people who you are by getting more involved with them. We can then all move forward together. Thanks. TFC Engagement Rule


◦•●◉✿ ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴜs ✿◉●•◦


Delegate to @beautycreativity to empower the community



Cc: @shy-fox
Cc: @blacks

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Moderator of Pakistan @faisalamin

 2 years ago 

I think it was a wonderful initiative so that we can work beautifully and do everything equally.In fact, it is true that many people just post and leave without commenting. At present, it is a very good initiative, so everyone will post and comment.I am so glad to make such a beautiful announcement.

 2 years ago (edited)

This is a very useful post for this community @faisalamin.
Hopefully, after reading this post, their attitude will change, and want to read and comment on other people's posts.
Don't just make a post, after that it's gone, if it's always like that they do, then the change for progress will not exist for them alone.
Hopefully with you this post can be useful for all good users here.
Greetings to all the #admin and #MOd who have worked so hard to build this really great community.
Thank you.

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 2 years ago 

Made a very important rule. Engagement is really important for us. Everyone will be very happy if we read someone else's post and make a nice comment on his post. Even work will be encouraged. I will abide by these rules. It was a beautiful decision.

 2 years ago 

Oh that's good idea to develop the community day by day . We should enhence our engagement by making quality comments in every post.

Wow thank you very much noted👍

I am a newbie here, and reading the rules is very helpful. Learning how to engage and see the caliber of your community will be a new chapter for an old crone artist like me. We never stop learning, and we never, ever stop creating, I love to see styles and depth. I'm a detail Geek who has been trying to pull my focus out to broaden my perspective. The Black Whole Universe is giving me a new appreciation of what I see, how I see, and own my unique perspective. Life is amazing and fascinating! Peace!

 2 years ago 

Thanks for your kind words. Glad to see you after 4 years. Best wishes

So if one thing could be pointing through on almost all the community that joined and visit as a newcomer on steemit platform , how serious is that ? Thank , cause I learnt here again that engagement in relation to commenting and conversing should get set as a priority .

Guide me on how to get to be a verified member of your community , cause I love beauty and creativity ; Beauty Of Creativity.

 2 years ago 

Engagement is very important and this is best rules for it/ due to many and more people engage with other people and increase value to steem with time

 2 years ago 

Thanks for your sharing this rules to us

 2 years ago 

it's really good initiative for grow healthy community purposes. i hope every one try to follow this guidelines. thanks you so much for share this valuable information.

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