Handmade concrete necklace


This handmade geometric beaded necklace is made for gorgeous 7 concrete beads

Price: 45$

Cryptocurrency is also acceptable as payment

Ready to ship


Each concrete bead is 5 to 25 mm

Materials used:
Lightweight concrete
Stainless steel wire
Concrete protector sealer


The necklace is shipped in a craft paper box


Production Method: concrete bead is hand-cast individually in its own mold.
The beads are cast from lightweight, smooth to the touch concrete.
They are sanded, polished and coated with a concrete protector
There are 7 concrete beads in each necklace with a Stainless steel wire which has a Stainless steel bayonet clasp.

 7 months ago 

It's uncommon, but rate is too much...btw..creative one..

Thank u very much dear

 7 months ago 

I need one.... realy uncommon dear..

Thank u very much Im glad to hear it if you are interested we can be in touch for ordering

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