Blue-petalled Asiatic Dayflowers Plant

"Asiatic Dayflowers Plant".

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Asiatic Dayflowers Plant


This is a kind of flower. This flowering plant is usually herbaceous. This species of plant grew through the grass in my backyard. This plant can be seen in different places like roadsides, forested places, damp places etc.

It is seen in many more countries including India. This flowering plant is called Asiatic Dayflowers. However, it is known everywhere as a common name.

In addition to the common name of this plant, there is a scientific name or binary name that is Commelina communis. This Asiatic Dayflowers plant is a subject in botany.

The flowers of this plant are often tested in botanical labs. However, the flowers of this plant are small in size and 2-3 pollen grains are emitted under the flowers.

The petals of this flower tend to look blue and the petals are very thin. This flower is blue in color and looks very beautiful. One of the reasons this plant is called Asiatic Dayflowers is that the flowers of this plant last one day.

This plant is an annual plant. The branches of this plant are usually decaying in nature and the leaves are bright in color. The leaves are a little elongated.


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Nice photography .

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