How to Draw a Cat /step by step guide

Hi everyone, i hope everyone is doing well.
The weather here is Sunny 🌞. Roads are busy as usual. Here Old people are sitting in sunshine and having fun with each other. They always wait for the sunshine to enjoy it.

Now a days I am trying to get creative. I am just starting to love Drawing different things. Today i did draw the following cat by hand. It was really a fun as well as a good way to spend time and to be creative. I am falling in love with drawing. Its my second attempt to draw something by hand. In my first attempt i drew a boy that you can see in my blog.
Here is the cat that i drawn


Now lets see how to draw it step by step

To draw a Cat we need following

(1) A clean Paper
(2) Led pencil
(3) Sharpner
(4) Eraser
(5) Colours

Lets start

First of all draw head as below

Now lets draw front legs

Afterwards draw the back legs

Its time to draw ears and tale

Afterwards draw nose and lips

Now draw eyes and eyebrows

After that give proper shape inside ears and tale

Now draw the fingers

Its complete now fill in colours.

Here is the final complete cat picture after filling and giving colours to each part.
That's it.
I gave orange colour to the body and green, jamni colour to the tale. Cat's eyes are usually blue so i gave them blue colour.



Thank you.

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You created a very cool masterpiece.

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