Watercolor Painting No #29" 10% Beneficiary to shy-fox.

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Aslam U Alikum my dear friends!

How are you guys of the Beauty of Creativity community? I hope you all will good in this winter season, by the grace of Almighty God I am also happy and well. Today I am here with a brand new water color art in which You will see the mountains, birds and a bot in the river. It is the 29th art of my Water Colour Painting series.


BoC- line.png

Working procedure:


  1. Today I tried painting on a card paper.
  2. For this First I draw a rough sketch of a beautiful sunset view near a mountains.
  3. Then I start coloring to it. First I colored the whole paper with the yellow color.
  4. To show sun rays reflection I add little orange color on it.
  5. Then I colored the mountains with the Brown color and distinguish the both with the black color line.
  6. In front of sea I draw black color grass beach and draw a long tree aside.
  7. After this I draw leaves of the tree and some birds flying.
  8. In this step which is difficult step I draw and colored the boat floating in the sea and shows it's reflection in the water.

Drawing tools:


this is how my painting looks like.










BoC- line.png

Thanks for giving your precious time to my post.

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 4 months ago 

This one is masterpiece. I love to see it and wanna try

 4 months ago 

nice picture add sunset i really like sunset. thanks for sharing.

 4 months ago 

একদম অসাধারণ পেইন্টিং। প্রথমে চিত্রাংকন এবং তারপরে অসাধারণ রং ব্যবহার করে সেটি পেন্ডিং করেছেন। যা সত্যিই চমৎকার লাগছে।

সেলুট আপনার অসাধারণ কাজ কে

 4 months ago 

Your painting has been great. In a word, it is wonderful. Thank you very much for your skillful completion of the painting. You will be fine brother.

 4 months ago 

very beautiful painting my friend, whether this is a real scene or a scene that you make yourself with your mind, it's really amazing, I'm sure how to make it very difficult.

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