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Hi everyone.

Thanks to all curators who support the BoC member's posts.


The beauty of Creativity Community is a great place for people to show off their creative talents. Nowadays, our community has become very popular among the people. New users are joining our community day by day. Our aim is to appreciate and support the creative and quality content of box members. our moderators are reviewing the member's content continuously. We support every potential post but due to increasing the subscription, we can not support every single post on a daily base.

So for this, we are going to start a new contest on a daily base in which we will curate the top 3 creative posts with a 100% voting percentage from the @beautycreativity account and also appreciate them by sharing some prizes.

Through this program, every day three-member can get extra support by showing their talent.

Now we will also run other contests continuously on weekly basis. With your support and love, our community will lie in the top 5 communities in the future.

Contest Rules:

  • Publish your posts in the Beauty of Creativity Community.
  • Must add the 10% beneficiary to the @beautycreativity account.
  • Must use the #boc tag in your post.
  • Every photograph must be yours.
  • Add a minimum of 50 words in your post that must be related to your content.
  • Plagiarism content will be mute without listening any arguments.
  • User must be manually verified from our community teams and also have verified label.

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Delegate to @beautycreativity

Join our friendly discord server. Discord Server.

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 last year 

Thank you for sharing this great news

 last year 

Very good step. I think this will help k every person to be get good support from you.

 last year 

You have taken a wonderful step. We are very happy.

 last year 

I think it was a wonderful initiative. I hope everyone will do well. It will be nice to show off your inner skills. I want to give my best. I will always join

 last year 

I think it was a wonderful initiative. I hope everyone will do well. It will be nice to show off your inner skills. I want to give my best. I will always join

 last year 

Every photograph must be yours.

Will only photography post be selected for this contest ?? Digital art will not be accepted for this contest?

 last year (edited)

It also includes in the photography category .

 last year 

I think a very good decision has been made. Thanks for making such a decision

 last year 

Made a wonderful decision that will benefit us a lot

 last year 

This is good information about this contrast.
Thank you for telling us everything.

 last year 

Many wonderful initiatives have been taken. From here, of course, good quality posts will be properly evaluated. I always applaud the beautiful initiative considering the good side of the members

 last year 

good initiative. i think it's also more interesting news for general users. best wish .

 last year 

Important and useful information, we will try to be the top 3 best

 last year 

Great news and great opurtunaty

 last year (edited)

Your steps are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

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 last year (edited)

More interesting to following the contest. 👍

 last year 

This is a good initiative of the community. This initiative is really commendable. I welcome this initiative. There will be an opportunity to view three quality posts every day.

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Hi! I just joined this community. May I start posting, or do I need to be labeled as a member? I'm very excited to be here!

 last year 

First you need to make the introduction post and complete the verification process

How to get the verivication label?

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