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One dragonfly species, in particular, the Globe Skimmer or Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens) that is widely distributed throughout tropical countries. This typical dragonfly used to see hanging on the twig instead of standing on it near the field around my village. It is regarded as one of the most common dragonflies that are often seen flying around the bushes. Seeing that, I was tempted to take some photos with a DSLR from a certain range. If you really want to see this species, you can simply look it up on hot days. This species of dragonfly is the only member of the genus Pantala from the subfamily Pantalinae.

I was very excited to see it this way, especially when I saw the clear wings and very broad at the base. There, too, there are some specimens with olive, brown, and yellow wings which urged me to spend some time with this beautiful dragonfly. Luckily, this dragonfly is relatively cooperative and this time, giving me a chance to get some decent shots from a distance range.

The dragonfly is up to 4.5 cm long, reaching wingspans between 7.2 cm and 8.4 cm. The front side of the head is yellowish to reddish. The thorax is usually yellow to golden colored with a dark and hairy line.source






CameraNikon D7000
CategoryInsect Photography
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300
 last year 

steady, a very beautiful dragonfly portrait. thank you for sharing

 last year 

close Shots from each angel. This Dragon Fly has sharp colors

 last year 

I knwo well about the dragonfly, cause dragonfly is not stayable at one place for long time,that's why dragonfly Macrophotography is so toiling, I have posting some of dragonfly Macrophotography for that i have known

 last year 

আপনার ফটোগ্রাফি গুলো খুব দুর্দান্ত হয়েছে। আপনার ফটোগ্রাফি দেখে আমি অভিভূত

 last year 

Wow very detail @abduhwab

 last year 

This dragonfly is very difficult for us to take a picture, because if you disturb it a little it will fly so fast, you have taken a very perfect picture, Thank you for sharing

 last year 

Nice picture chief

 last year 

This is very colourful photography. And very clear. Looks awesome

 last year 

very good picture brother, I like the look of your picture from various posts

 last year 


 last year 

I have also captured some Dragonfly and I hope I shall share. your photography was so good to enjoy the beauty of this Dragonfly.

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