Two-striped Jumper (Telamonia dimidiata)

in Beauty of Creativity24 days ago

The spider species Telamonia dimidiata, commonly known as Two-striped Jumper, belongs to the genus Telamonia, in the family Salticidae. Yep! It is another two-striped jumping spider (Telamonia Dimidiata), a common species of spider that is usually found perching on the leaves in the bush and forest. This typical spider is found throughout Asian tropical rain forests, in foliage in wooded environments. Seeing that, I managed to get a few pictures soon I noticed it was calm. It's great to see its appearance from the closest range, especially the bright eyes that made me stay longer with this beautiful spider. It has two longitudinal bright brown stripes are present on the opisthosoma. This spider is harmless to humans. After spending some time chasing it, I eventually found the visible spot to take a couple of shots with a smartphone plus macro lens, and not long after that, it ran away, jumping to another spot. No matter how hard I tried, it could not be tamed. It started to use its skill to jump from one leaf to another.





LensLensbong Macro/Modified Macro lens
 24 days ago 

Beautiful and interesting macro photography of the insect.

 23 days ago 

beautiful and cute spider, its eyes are very round, looks very cute. I was very entertained. thank you for sharing❤

 23 days ago 

I wonder where you get such beautiful beautiful Makodarasa photography? How perfectly you capture the beauty of that thing in your photography.

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