The Beauty of Little Mycenae

in Beauty of Creativity3 months ago

Yesterday, I went back to local forest to look for some mushrooms. As I thought, that would be some mushrooms growing somewhere around the wet area. By the time I arrived at the spot, the ground was partly dried and there was hard to find mushrooms in this situation. Nevertheless, we did not give up, we walked down, searching for the wet stuff , and I finally saw this beautiful mushroom on tree moss. We probably used to see this typical mushroom on tree trunks and branches. The closer I look at this mushroom the more it tempted me to take a few shots. It appears, I was not only caught up with its form but it also dragged me to observe its cap structure as if it was intentionally carved by nature and live peacefully on rotting log. Like I used to do when I saw such a mushroom that's worth a shot, and if it was in the dark, I managed to take them to the open space, so I could take some photos. As we know, mushrooms grow in every habitat, and you certainly don’t need to go to a nature reserve to find your first toadstools: there will more than likely be several species in your garden.





CameraNikon D7000
CategoryFungi Photography
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300

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