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On this evening's post, I am pleased to bring up some human interest photography that may tell you the situation of people who live in the countryside. As we may know, taking people photography is part of exposing the social interaction as well as the way to observe the habit of people. Human interest photography is also considered as typical photography that attributes the precious experience of photographers to catch the human's life in the public spaces. The human photography is commonly found on public spaces that hold a possibility to capture the real situation in society circumstance. These pics I took from random places, which turn out to be fascinated to put in one post and also show them the different background of their works. Being around them reflected the simplicity of life that showed the perspective of how life should be treated.


Pic 1. An old man just got break, smoking a cigarettes' near his working place.


Pic. 2. An old woman was selling her boiled corn on the street


Pic.3. Another old man was selling drink


Pic.4. A man was walking down after performing salat at the mosque.

CameraNikon D7000
CategoryLandscapes Photography
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300
 25 days ago 

Good evening and peace be upon you. The capture of the beautiful image that my friend showed.

 24 days ago 

Simplicity creates happiness. great pictures and really great photo taking

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