Mountain Riverscape

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It's good to be back to nature, an outing activity that I used to do on the weekend or whenever I have free time. It's not really big deal if I had to pass the challenging routes, and I enjoyed riding to the wood. To get fantastic nature scenes, we (me and friends) headed to the remote areas where the tropical forest located. Last weekend, we decided to make long trip by motorbike to the northern part of the rural. Stumbling into the forest apparently made my hand never stopped clicking. To get here, I needed to go up a hill which is located a few km away from home. It's been essential to carry the camera gear at any time I want to go to the wild. Besides having a good time with views, I also use most of my time capturing natural life. I like the natural scene. I like the natural scene. I could see now how the water had gained its way along with the flow. As I could not step down to the river, I decided to take these pictures from above, a mountain road that I passed. A good thing to go to mountainous area is that we can see the natural beauty scattering before eyes, and encouraging us to take the picture at each bit of nature provides.





CameraNikon D7000
CategoryLandscapes Photography
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300

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 27 days ago 

Nice shot of the river.

 26 days ago 

The natural scenery is truly beautiful, the river is filled with large stones making this river so beautiful.

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