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I am excited to share some photos of gilled mushrooms that I found right after the rain around the backyard. I think this typical mushroom is included in split gill (Schizophyllum commune ), a mushroom species that are commonly found throughout the tropical area. It belongs to the family Schizophyllaceae, in the order Agaricales. I happened to nice them growing on the wet log and I was straightly fascinated by their appearance which made me grab my gear to shoot a couple of pictures.

Just like all mushrooms, gilled mushrooms also have spores, making up the sole purpose of producing microscopic spores to be gone away by air currents and, with any luck, to land in a suitable location to germinate and start a new organism. The gills are forming lines that dramatically increase the number of spores the mushroom can produce.

The fungal order Agaricales, also known as gilled mushrooms (for their distinctive gills) or euagarics, contains some of the most familiar types of mushrooms. source






CameraNikon D7000
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300
 2 years ago 

Oh my God! Its so much cute and looking sensitive.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for sharing your valuable post with us brother.

nice creativity.

very macro

 2 years ago 

Mushrooms are very useful for our health and they look so beautiful as well with your Wonderful photography

 2 years ago 

Nice post thanks for sharing us

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