Colorful Dalia Flowers Photography Collection

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Dalia is a well-known flower. Dalia flowers are found in all the continents of the world. In many countries of the world, dalia flowers are cultivated commercially. Dalia flowers are cultivated in many districts of Bangladesh. Dulia flower cultivation is very profitable In Bangladesh, dalia flowers are usually found in winter and spring. Dalia flowers are of different colors. For example, red, pink, yellow, orange etc. Dalia flowers grow very large.


Dalia flowers are seen in winter and spring in Bangladesh. Dalia is a well-known flower. Dalia shrubs is a national plant. Dalia trees grow from 10 to 50 cm tall. Its leaves are of green color. And the flowers are much bigger. Dalia flowers are of different colors. Red, white, orange, pink and yellow. There are numerous petals in the Dalia flower. There is no scent of Dalia flower. The color and appearance of Dalia flowers attract people.

Pink Colour Dalia Flowers:






Orange Colour Dalia Flowers:





White And Pink Colour Dalia Flowers:



Purple Colour Dalia Flowers:



Yellow Colour Dalia Flowers:


Red Colour Dalia Flowers:


People plant dalia flower trees to grow garden gardens. When Dalia starts to grow, the garden is full of flowers. It is very interesting to see the garden.


Dallia flowers are cultivated commercially in many countries of the world. Since cultivation of dalia flower is profitable, it is currently cultivated in many districts of Bangladesh. The flowers begin to bloom within 2-3 months of planting. As the tree grows, the branches spread. The more flowers blossom. The seedlings of the dalia flower are seeded from the seed. Dalia is like a potato under the soil of a tree. It is only when the dalia tree is planted. No need to plant a second time.

Camera: Samsung SM-G615F
Location: Saidpur, Bangladesh

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Wonderful photographs. I love dahlias. I grow a couple in containers and they I take the container indoors to a cold enough spot that they stay dormant until spring. Some of these dahlias are fantastic.

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