Beautiful story based on Islam, last prayer.

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START THE STORY...........

Rahat, how much sleep? Alsemi needs to have a limit! Get up now Eat tea. "

Rahat saw time on mobile. Then a lot of trouble dragging myself to go to the azu. It has been a long time since Maghrib has passed, and there is not much time. Nah, it's not okay to be late. He sank his feet in the bucket for 2 seconds. Then he started praying in a hurry.

Allahu Akbar! "

"Alhamdulillah Rabbil Alamin" ... didn't eat anything in the afternoon, hungry.

"Awwww ... amm made some breakfast with tea?

"Subhana Rabbial Ala" ... wants to lie down in prostration ...

Suddenly the ground shook with impossibility. Rahat fell from the prostration. The body trembled in pain. What is falling in the mouth. Looking up, the roof of the house is collapsing! Run and get out of the house. From what he saw, his eyes almost went to the forehead. What made her house and house disappear. There is a huge waterfall, white fields. There is a man pimpled like ants.

Although it is not possible to see with your own eyes, these scenes have been described and read in the book. So it was not too late to understand the matter - he could see the Resurrection before his eyes.

The chest was shaking. Will I have an account now? So early? I could not find the time to do anything. How many mistakes I made that were not forgiven. How much time I wasted, how much I could do, was not done.

No, yet Rahat is a daily prayer. On the Day of Resurrection, the first reckoning will be prayers. Prayer is all right.

The calculation has begun. Soon his turn…

"Rahat Mahmood."

The crowds of people split in two and made way for him. The angels are calculating his account. Her pal is getting heavy! Alas He had committed such a sin and could not understand it. At last he was recognized as living in hell!

Two angels are grabbing the hair of his forehead. Everyone is looking at him. He's being taken to an unbelievably horrific fire.

This is my conclusion! How can this be possible, I have prayed! Why is my prayer not saving me? I have read all these prayers in vain? My prayers ... My prayers!

The angels picked him up and threw him into the fire. His chest burst out with inhuman screams - "No!"

Rahat started to fall towards the fire of hell.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her hand, pulling her up.

Rahat cried in relief. "Who saved you from this terrible outcome, who are you?"

"I am your prayer."

"Oh!" Suddenly anger is rahat's.

"Why are you so late? I almost went to hell! "

"Do you delay or pray? Just before the last time the passing point? So I'm too late to save you, just before the point of hell! "

Rahat opened his eyes. Looking green in the eyes. It took him a while to realize that this was part of his genealogy. He raised his head from the prostration.

I'm alive!

King Malik Shah was an independent sultan of Andalusia (Spain). His hobby was to hunt deer. So after getting some leisure time in the royalty, the deer used to go to the forest of Ispahan for hunting. One day, he took some troops and went out to hunt deer and stayed in a village beside the forest. There was a poor widow in that village. She lived in a porn cottage with her children. Their survival was called a cow whose milk was fed by three of its children. But unknowingly, the king slaughtered the cow. The widow pleaded with them to beg him to release her cows. Because this is the only resort of their life. But the soldiers reprimanded him. The helpless woman looked dark in her eyes. He lost his cow and went mad. He had nothing to do with the sight of the cow yawning, looking at the falcon as there was no one to intercept the troops. At night he could not sleep. The heartbroken tears and screams of hungry children wound her heart. Suddenly, in the gloom of distress, the lamp of hope lit up in his mind that since the king was a just justice, he would surely receive a fair trial.

So in the morning he decided to go to the king. But approaching the king was difficult for him. In the meantime he found out that the king was out hunting and would return to the palace with such precision. The widow, excluding the opportunity, stood in a famous pool of Ispahan and watched the arrival of the king. Shortly afterwards, the great moment of filing the complaint came. As soon as the king reached the pool, the widow said with courage and courage, 'O Sultan of Andalusia! Do you judge about me on this pool, or in the next pool? Choose what you like. The widow's words became poisonous, and the king's bed was broken. The stupid soldiers began to look at each other with such bold and honest words.

The king quickly descended from the horse and eagerly said, 'Mother! I can't afford to do anything at Pulchira, I want to make a difference in this pool. You boldly submit your complaint. The widow told him everything. When the king heard of the incident, the king became furious and the anger of his eyes lit up. At the same time, he provided exemplary punishment for the criminal soldiers. And he expressed his regret and sorrow for the oppression of the soldiers. The king gave the widow six cows instead of a cow. The widow was pleased with the king's justice and returned to her cottage with a satisfied heart.