MONOMAD - March 21st - Moving On

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We would like to let you all know that from today on the @monochromes project, #monomad and our Black And White Community will start posting exclusively on Hive. All our activities on the Steem blockchain will be suspended till further notice.

Honestly speaking, our intention was to keep things rolling on both blockchains, but the recent censorship and selective flagging from Justinsun made us rethink our position regarding all this situation.

We are here for the content and not for the politics, but censorship is something we will never support or ignore, no matter where.



I'm unable to post photos on hive. I'm no computer expert. I'm told I need to get all sorts of new things - for me- like steampeak, peakd, GitHub, and a bunch of other things as well. I can post text and comment but photo uploads fail every time. Maybe hive is not for people like me who just want to drag and drop a photo? I'm pretty annoyed and I apologize. I love photography and would like to go to hive. No one will explain to me why it has to be so complicated

Hi @rossfletcher
Things are still a bit shaky and falling into place in Hive, but already looking good.
You can easily use and their peaklock login tool. is just a user interface like There's no need for any special technical knowledge or github account. All you need to do is start posting from instead of, easy as that.

Thank you. I'm really having a difficult time. I just can't seem to figure it out or make it work. I wish i knew someone who could just show it to me in person. sorry for this...

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