The Coming Production of Magic Hygeia

in Steemit Nursery6 months ago

We have several things getting started right now, so I want everyone to be up to date. First, we have over 100 Bars of Soap made, and I personally am expanding the Human understanding of the Concept "Punic Wax", which is the Product of Beeswax Boiled in Sea Water, so we are writing an Ancient History of the Punic Peoples (Hanno the Navigator, etc).

What we are doing now is getting materials to make several thousand of Bars of Soap, as well as Beauty Oils, and Incense Cones. But we are using Ingredients with a heavy Magical or Spiritual Affiliation, many of which are not found in modern Soaps. We are also using several existing things like Coco Butter, Shae Butter, and similar materials. I will get into dpecifics as everything is made. We will post pictures of the Manufacturing process on Steemit, BLURT, HIVE and Instagram and we will be accepting STEEM, BLURT and HIVE for our products.

I will get into more detail on the ingredients, the uses, etc. when we are posting the Products on Etsy, etc. And on the blogs.

We will be creating lines, or Products grouped based on Spiritual ties. For example, we will have a Punic Wax line in which we will mix the Wax into the Soap in various ways, maybe as a layer, maybe mixed all the way in, or as balls of wax added in during drying before cut. And we will then expand on the Punic Wax lines by both adding the Balsams, etc. And by altering the Recipes in other ways.

The other easy to understand examples are "Galen's Cold Cream", and "Egyptian Magic", we will be creating products consinstencies like that also, and there will be Soap lines, Oil, Cream, etc. Mostly based on Ancient Recipes.

And during this, we will be hiring Brand Ambassadors, Creating a Currency, and writing a Bibliotheca.