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Hello and good day to everyone.
Please permit me to start by introducing myself to you all as this is my first post in Steemit Nursery.

I am Nforche Christabel also known as @chriatabel on this platform.
I am a citizen of Cameron and precisely in the Northwest region.

And a student of National Polytechnic Bambui, level two, and other things I do is make up and dancing.

My experience with crypto currency is really weak so I really want to more about it and also others like Bitcoin, Stella and also etheneum.My hobbies are dancing , singing, and listening to music as well basketball and as well going to the gym and also my passion is to become a logistic engineer and also own a warehouse, meanwhile my dislikes are anger,backsliers, and I hate to be lazy because laziness doesn't pay .

The sort post I like creating are sports, dancing and also cooking tutorials.

MY career
My dream is to own my own warehouse and also a logistic engineer
I am the first born out of four, hopping to make my parents proud of me tomorrow, and also to support my siblings.
It was just today I was reading through the Steemit Nursery community and notice some announcements which I knew nothing about.
And the rewards of this post will be delegated to my country Cameroon
Thanks for reading everyone


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Welcome to the Steemit Nursery family!

Please check out the Steemit Nursery Community Announcement before you post your next post in the Steemit Nursery.

Have a pleasant stay in Steemit Nursery Community, Thank you! 💐

Best regards,
Steemit Nursery Team

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Please check this post and apply from there.

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