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👋👋Hello Steemians!

I am very thankful to my best friend and my big supporter @inspiracion. Today I am very thankful to God which supplies all your needs and make our life very easy and comfortable.So, guys this contest is maintain by our community MOD by @steemitnursery.So,guys lets start 😀.


The main Topic of this contest is that the
"What would you do if you had in your wallet one million Steem?"
Under the following Question which are related to this topic 🤔.


  • What would be your reaction to having them?

The presence of million Steem is a very happy talking which creates a very sensitive imagination in our mind.A man always know about his coming earning source then.He liftup his foot to do work.If I have the the million Steem.Then,I shall thankful to God which supplies all your needs 😀.I shall make a procedure to use these money like the steems.

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  • What would you invest this money in and how would you invest it?

Through these million Steems I shall make a new house 🏠. Then I take the lauggue of my new house.Lefting moneys 💰I bought the food for people and needy.Then I start my business like the small binance which is about the cryptocurrency and online trading 😀.

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  • What would you buy for yourself or your family?

I buy my self good clothes 😌. And,also shoes good car and nice furniture.Then I fulfill all needs of my family.Then the my family small children and we are also go for the picnic spot and enjoy the much and with the favourable condition.Then,I bought a girl from market for some night and make my nights enjoyable 😉. So,I spend my money million Steem in my family conditions.


  • Have you thought of any ways on how to achieve or fulfill this dream?

I wish my Godto fulfil my this dreams very time.I have a full believe once time fully Godshall fullfill my dreams.I aslo enjoy with time.And, ready to for my condition and needs.I achieve my this dreams to working hard and day and nights to equal work.So, I get my goal and get the success with minds.This time coming very soon yo for enjoying the happiness very lots time.
Coming soon

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Hi friend! @allahnawaz03 Very good selection. To help people is a beautiful action. Success at the contest.

 10 months ago 

Hi @allahnawaz03, thank you very much for participating in this fun contest where we let our imagination fly to dream something that surely many of us have already dreamed "including me". I'm sure you will make the best use of those coins, which is really a lot.

I would definitely invest them right here and wait for the price to rise above 2 usd$ at least.

I am sure that with a lot of effort and dedication, we will be able to accomplish or reach any goal we set for ourselves.

Thank you very much for participating, don't forget to invite your friends to do so as well.

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