Got the 3x3 under the spider farmer 1000. 9 plants in 1 gallon containers that were ...

in APPICS10 months ago

... jus transplanted. Thinking about switching to 12/12 here soon. My 4x4 comes down in 4 weeks so I wanna flip this 3x3 within a week.

They just came out the solo cups and has been in the 1gallons for less than week. I jus don't have the time to let em veg a few more weeks to transfer into 3gal fabric pots which is what I finished it. So I put 3 extra plants in there and just kept em in the 1gallon pots and flipped to flower. This my smaller tent and I just need a harvest every 4 weeks to get the bag so it was a call I had to make to just run a few more plants in smaller pots.

Happy Growing guys 🌴


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Looking good brother keep us posted!!

Sure I will