it is not your responsibility to enlighten anyone who prefers to live in ignorance. ...

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... -@yangyanje (this account), (oc) . daku feaut. rane(me) in Ghaziabad, India.


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The enlightened one sees the light, but the hungry and greedy feed on their shadows. When we shine with that light within us, it's only because we believe that everyone living in the shadows has infinite light within... @samstonehill your actions inspire me. Your doing sheds light where people see darkness. You farm, harvest. Power of sun. Our deeds always shine light. Enlightenment surrounds us. I agree, we are all and must be responsible.

It is true. Yet knowing the fate which awaits them i still feel responsible.

Try to Inspire the ones who are not enlightened and hope they see the light. If not you did try and that's all we can do.

Be well my brother have a wonderful weekend. . .

I see you my brotha. Like a tree i grow to seek light and humble to know there's infinite. You boil with creativity. This financial paradigm will liberate creative individuals, starting with the few who see the bigger picture. Its about the value we give to others. That is shared within a space and time. Opposing to subjective conformity by social media corporations that enslave curators to perform for their advertisers is easy? The choice should be very obvious. In a world of self check out counters and drone deliveries, these devices should give us some revenues. We spend so much time on them. Once the advertisers know, crypto will kill the television and ad industry.

-And internet ad industry.. thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend too.

Thank you 🙏 We are Keeping the vibe and tribe alive with this new social paradigm indeed...

And I see you too my brotha...

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