painted this campagne in 2012 against fair and lovely in india. a skin bleech cream ...

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... that was establishing itself with unethical marketing. coming up with television ads to make beautiful healthy and tanned people insecure with a pale, sick looking bleeched beauty ideal. going as far to depict unhappy people because darker skin is lesser favoured by society. i did a campagne against fair and lovely on the streets that was called "brown is beautiful. it's awesome when one of the most successful indian models in history is good friends with you. knowing she's also probably the most humble and down to earth person in your friends circle, feels like we all have a great example of a strong woman. its specially cool when you're a dude and she'd probably beat your ass at baskeetball and muay tai too. check her out :


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Nice bro keep that skin fresh and free,... Be well my brother..

Thanks for your comment buddy, it's truly refreshing 😊 same to you. Looking at it, i can remember that color coming out like spaghetti on some, specially with expired male paint. That is, if they still even had pressure inside and you were lucky enough that they actually had worked. Some were expired a decade earlier and were still sold 20% more than pro graffiti cans in germany. Some original cheap car paint. Felt like one's in a time capsule.

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