they started calling it the south bronx of delhi. the birth of hip hop in khirkee, ...

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... with leaders from the slum gods. An army of breakers, writers, emcees and deejays. i started painting there before anyone used spray paint on walls precisely 10 years before the first graffiti art spray paint was sold in india. in 2008 i started noticing i wasn't alone anymore. graffiti started popping out of everywhere. highway flyovers, train tracks, subways and underpasses...with a drastic uprise in all elements of a subculture that forever changed the landscape of communicating art forms, a new paradigm was born inside the essence of a deep cultural heritage. a global cultural movement that transcends language and uses its own forms of linguistics. hip hop . Rane, 4 da shivalik b block society, new delhi, 2014.


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