#apxtravel More than 500 entries in 17 days. We never thought this challenge would ...

in APPICS10 months ago

... go through the roof. The last 3 days of this incredible challenge run.

📍Wallis here and in Ticino there is the best wine in Switzerland🇨🇭


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It's great challenge.. good luck to everyone 😘

Cool! We don't have such landscapes(

But i think you have great local places 🙏

Thats awesome! I only had a chance to enter once from My hometown of Kelowna British Columbia Canada as we never travel. Good luck to everyone!👍🥰🏡

Yes the local places ❤️😉

Congratulations for having a lot of entries. Keep it up.

I already entered here by more photos & some are coming

I love this challenge i hope there will be another round

Beautiful photo 👌👌

It’s so amazing to see al the beautiful places around the globe! 🤩 great idea for a great challenge 🤘🤩

Beautiful place

... and you will have hard times as a judge😉

Yeah, i am enjoying a lot this challenge & taking part of it, sharing my best moment of travel ❤

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