New Episode of CryptoNews is up on YouTube! This time from 4000 meters above the ...

in APPICS9 months ago

... ground, at the „APEX“ of the Swiss Mountains 🏔🇨🇭🚀 Topics: BITCOIN BREAKS $52,000! | Miami Turns Into Bitcoincity | Tesla, Amazon & MasterCard BULLISH! | DeFi Top Gainers Of The Week 📈


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Most beautiful place and you🤗🤗💘💘💘💘😍😍

My favorite APPICS lady😎😎😎😎

I hope you enjoyed the time in Switzerland🇨🇭

impressive Episode 😍

Impressive episode 😍

That's so much Amazing 😍


You took the picture in a really great place, you look great.😍

You made a good job,thank you very much👍😘

Oh you were in Switzerland😊. You could have come over for a coffe☕️

Beautiful ❤️❤️

The picture was taken in a very beautiful way and the snowy mountains around it were very good👌❤❤

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